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April 25, 2024

Uploading Documents in the myCGS DME Web Portal

We are aware that some myCGS DME Web Portal users are not able to upload PDF documents. When they try to upload a single packet file for their Redetermination, Reopening, Prior Authorization, Additional Documentation Request (ADR), or Advance Determination of Medicare Coverage (ADMC) request, they are getting an error message: "The upload was unsuccessful, please try again or submit the documentation by mail/fax":

We have researched and found the issue may be related to security features within their organization. It may also be due to a single PDF document being damaged or corrupted. When a user combines a corrupted PDF document with other documents into one file, the entire file becomes corrupted and cannot be used.

If you combine multiple documents into a single file and get an error message when you try to upload in myCGS, try this:

  1. Do a test upload of any other PDF document.
  2. If you can upload the document, remove the test file from your request.
  3. Try to upload your files one by one instead of combining them into a single packet. You can add up to 15 files with each request.
  4. If any of the files will not upload, it could be corrupt. Try to convert the file to another format, such as .DOC, if you have the software.
  5. If you are not able to upload files, you can fax or mail the documents to us. Find fax numbers and mailing addresses here:
  6. You will need to contact your IT department for help with your document security features.


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