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A/B MAC Jurisdiction 15 Contract Re-Awarded to CGSExternal website
Please visit our Jurisdiction 15 Contract Implementation web page for more information.


Provider Education At-A-Glance

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  • February 23: RSNAT Prior Authorization – Prepayment Reviews
  • February 27: What's New With myCGS?
  • February 28: Medicare Secondary Payer
  • February 29: Navigating the RAC Process
  • March 6: Submitting Your Corrected Claims: Know the Medicare Part B Reopening Process

Ways to Drive YOUR Reopening!

Automation enables you to submit required values which allow the claim to adjust without manual intervention. The BEST vehicle to do this: myCGS! Soon, you will have even MORE control of your Reopenings to drive FASTER adjustments! Read more here…

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