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Contacting Customer Support

Attention: Claim and eligibility-specific calls to the Provider Contact Center (PCC) must be authenticated through the Computer Telephone Integration (CTI) systemPDF. CSRs will no longer authenticate information verbally over the phone. We will transfer callers back to the CTI line for authentication.

About the Customer Support Department

Learn about the Customer Support Center, including what information customer support representatives (CSRs) can provide and what they cannot. This page will help you determine the best course of action for finding a solution to your problem.

Before You Call

CGS offers many online resources so you can easily find information without having to call Customer Support. Use this section to review your "self-help" options.

Calling Customer Support GuidePDF

This user guide will walk you through the questions you will be asked when calling Customer Support.

Contact Information

This page provides all CGS contact information including mailing addresses, phone numbers, fax information, email addresses, and more.

Hours of Operation

Review Customer Support’s normal hours of operation, as well as holiday and training schedules.

Information you need when calling Customer Support

Review this section for important information you must provide when calling Customer Support.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

Learn about our Interactive Voice Response (IVR), which is available 24/7. The IVR offers claim status, pending claims, redetermination status, beneficiary eligibility, CMN status for same or similar, and more.

Online Help Center

The Online Help Center allows you to submit inquires electronically to our customer support staff.

Customer Support


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