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Jurisdiction B and Jurisdiction C myCGS DME Web Portal Alerts

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KEY: myCGS Status Green
myCGS is functioning normally.
myCGS Status Yellow
There is an issue with one of the myCGS features.
myCGS Status Red
myCGS is currently down.

Below is a list of known issues that users have experienced in myCGS. Please refer to this page for workarounds and resolutions to myCGS issues.

Date Reported





Date Resolved


Prior Authorization Smart Submission (PASS)

Some users are receiving an error message on the Program Codes page when trying to submit a PASS request. We are working on a resolution and hope to have it fixed as soon as possible.

Send the Prior Authorization request using fax, mail, or esMD

In Progress  


Prior Authorization Status Request

Users are only receiving one result on the Prior Authorization Status Requests page when there are multiple records for a piece of equipment on file.

We are working on a fix and hope to have it resolved soon.




A "Data Query Unavailable" error message is displaying during the Prior Authorization Smart Submission (PASS) process.

Some users are receiving a "Data Query Unavailable" error message when trying to select a program code during the PASS process. We are working on a fix and hope to have it resolved soon.

If you encounter this error, submit your Prior Authorization request via fax, mail, or esMD.




When verifying physician name and NPI for Prior Authorization Smart Submission (PASS), myCGS is incorrectly stating a match doesn’t exist in certain circumstances.

If a physician’s last name has changed for any reason, the PASS verification of the physician may result in an incorrect error message stating that a match for the name and NPI is not found.

If you’re aware of the physician having a name change, try using their other name. Otherwise submit your Prior Authorization request via a different method (mail, fax, or esMD).




When submitting Prior Authorization requests, some users are receiving no response or an "unhandled exception" error.

We are aware that when submitting Prior Authorization requests, some users are receiving no response or an "unhandled exception" error. Please continue attempting to submit PA requests. Most PA requests are working as expected. If you receive an error, please wait and try again. We are working to resolve the issue as quickly as possible.

If you are unable to submit your Prior Authorization request via myCGS, visit our Prior Authorization webpage for additional ways to submit.

JB Prior Authorization Webpage

JC Prior Authorization Webpage




Lowercase letters in the beneficiary MBI results in an error message when attempting to verify beneficiary data during a Prior Authorization request.

When entering beneficiary data for Prior Authorization Form Submission, myCGS is stating that the information does not match our records when using lowercase letters for the beneficiary MBI.

We are working to resolve this issue as quickly as possible. In the meantime, please use all caps for the beneficiary MBI.

When entering an MBI during Prior Authorization submission, use only uppercase letters.




Medicare Advantage Plan (MAP) information is incorrectly duplicating information.

For MAP information on the Beneficiary Eligibility screen where there is more than one MAP record, the subsequent Plan Name, Address, Phone Number, and Website are displaying as a duplicate of the current plan. The most current record is completely accurate. Only the subsequent records are incorrect.

If you need the correct name and information of a previous MAP, adjust the date of service on your eligibility search backwards so that the previous record displays as the current record.




Hospice information unavailable

Beneficiary Eligibility is currently not returning Hospice information

Call the IVR (Jurisdiction B: 877.299.7900, Jurisdiction C: 866.238.9650)




myCGS Currently Unavailable

myCGS is currently unavailable. We are working to restore service and apologize for the inconvenience.





On the Same/Similar screen, the "range" HCPCS search option is currently unavailable—please use a different search method.

Additionally in rare instances, same/similar history for some beneficiaries who have cross-referenced beneficiary IDs may not display correctly.

Most of the previously reported issues with the Same/Similar screen in myCGS have been resolved; however, the HCPCS range search is currently disabled, and certain beneficiaries with cross-referenced ID history may show no data found on the Same/Similar screen.

Instead of using a range search, you can search by product category, single HCPCS, or partial HCPCS. Using a partial HCPCS search can provide a similar result as a range search.

If you encounter any other issues with Same/Similar in myCGS, please use the IVR.




The Same/Similar screen in myCGS may be experiencing intermittent issues. Additionally, the "partial" HCPCS search option is currently unavailable—please use a different search method.

We are currently investigating potential issues found on the Same/Similar screen and are working to resolve the issues as quickly as possible.

If you encounter an issue, please use more specific search criteria (such as a smaller range, single jurisdiction, or specific sub-categories). You can also use the IVR to check same/similar.



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