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Overpayment Recovery

If you receive an overpayment, you are obligated to refund the money to Medicare. This section provides you with information on Voluntary Refunds, Demands, Debt Collections, and the Extended Repayment Schedule (ERS).

What is an Overpayment?

Overpayments are Medicare payments to a provider/supplier in excess of amounts due and payable under the statute and regulations. Review this section to learn more about the Overpayment process and what you should do if you receive an Overpayment.

Refunding an Overpayment

Review this section if you are unsure about how an overpayment was created or how long you have to refund an overpayment. We help explain the difference between a Voluntary Overpayment, "demand" letters, and refund requirements.

How Do I Appeal An Overpayment?

This section provides important instructions on how to properly appeal an overpayment.

Request for Immediate Offset

If you prefer to have CGS automatically offset, or reduce your next payment(s) by the total amount overpaid, you may submit an Offset Request Form. Learn more in this section.

How long do I have to refund an Overpayment?

Review this section for detailed information on the Overpayment Recovery Process and the timelines associated with refunding an overpayment.

Where do I send my Overpayment?

If you are sending a check, please review this section for address information.

Overpayment Forms and Tools

CGS has created a variety of online tools and forms to help guide you through the overpayment process.

Overpayment Education

This section outlines the types of Overpayment education available to you along with information available through a variety of Medicare publications.


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