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Visit our dedicated COVID-19 page for DMEPOS COVID-19 news and updates!

DMEPOS Competitive Bidding Program

Round 2021 of the DMEPOS CBP began January 1, 2021 with the product categories Off-the-Shelf (OTS) back braces and OTS knee braces. Read more...

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Recent News

Visit the Jurisdiction C News page for all articles, alerts and updates.

Top Search Requests for Jurisdiction C

  1. Modifiers
  2. Advance Beneficiary Notice of Noncoverage (ABN)
  3. Competitive Bidding / Orthotics / KV Modifier
  4. Medicare Beneficiary Identifier (MBI) and Beneficiary Name to Number Converter
  5. Hospice and GW modifier

Education Opportunities

Ankle-Foot Orthosis/Knee-Ankle-Foot Orthosis Webinar April 20External website
Provider Outreach and Education will review the coverage criteria and documentation requirements for AFO/KAFO. The presentation, like all of our webinars, will be followed by a question-and-answer period, so bring your questions on April 20 at 10:30 am EST/9:30 am CST. RegisterExternal website today.

Glucose Monitors Webinar April 21External website
Glucose monitors will be discussed including the coverage criteria and documentation requirements. There will be time for questions following the presentation, scheduled on April 21 at 10:30 am EST/9:30 am CST. Don’t forget to registerExternal website today, and register as well for the follow-up Continuous Glucose Monitors LiveLine Plus on April 23. (See below.)

Continuous Glucose Monitors LiveLine Plus April 23External website
As a follow-up to our regular glucose monitors webinar, we also offer a LiveLine Plus event, an interactive format designed to allow plenty of question-and-answer time. Attendees are encouraged to attend the policy-based webinar on April 21 (see above for on how to register for the standard webinar) for detailed coverage criteria and documentation requirements, so that everyone is ready to dive deeper into the policy during the LiveLine event. LiveLine Plus has been improved with the addition of claim denials, documentation examples, Comprehensive Error Rate Testing (CERT) Contractor and Recovery Audit Contractor (RAC) issues and Frequently-Asked-Questions (FAQs). RegisterExternal website for the April 23 at 10:30 am EST/9:30 am CST.

Encore Events – Recorded Webinars Available 24/7
Watch our most popular webinars on demand, available 24/7! Among other videos, all three parts of our "Documentation Requirements" series are available in the Encore Events library. This page is updated monthly with the newest recordings to ensure that you are always getting the most current information. We are just getting started, and more webinars are coming soon! Visit the Encore Events webpage today.

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