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CGS Administrators, LLC Privacy Statement

Last reviewed: 09.13.23

As a CMS contractor, we are required to comply with CMS's Contractor Website Standards and Guidelines.

  • The privacy of our customers is important to CGS Administrators, LLCs. We understand that visitors to need to be in control of their sensitive personal information.
  • You do not have to give us sensitive personal information (social security numbers, tax identification numbers, beneficiary numbers, claim information, etc.) to visit If you choose not to provide sensitive personal information, you can still visit pages.
  • We will collect identifying information, such as your name, e-mail address, physical address, and any other identifier unique to you, only if it is specifically and knowingly provided by you.
  • Identifying information collected will be used only in connection with, or for such purposes as are described at the point of collection.
  • All non-personally identifying information is collected for statistical purposes only. CGS Administrators, LLC performs analyses of user behavior in order to measure customer interest in the various areas of our site. CGS Administrators, LLC also reports Web site inquiries as official written inquiries as required by CMS regulations in the Medicare Carriers Manual, Part II, Sections 5104, 5105 and 5106.
  • CGS Administrators, LLC will protect all sensitive personal information and identifying information that you share with us through CGS Administrators, LLC does not disclose, give, sell, or transfer any information to anyone outside of CGS Administrators, LLC. If we share demographic information with anyone outside of CGS Administrators, LLC, we will give aggregate information only.
  • While CGS Administrators, LLC will make every attempt to protect sensitive personal information that you may share with us, using to submit inquiries is not secure against interception. If your communication requires you to include sensitive personal information, you may want to send it by postal mail instead.
  • CMS would like to receive your comments and questions about this Internet Privacy Policy. Visit our Online Help Centers to address your comments and questions regarding this policy: CGS Administrators, LLC may occasionally update this policy. Notice of revisions will be posted here.

We want to be very clear: We will not obtain identifying information or sensitive personal information unless you choose to provide such information.

Contacting the Privacy Office

Contact our Privacy Officer for any privacy questions or to report privacy concerns. You may contact the CGS Privacy Officer at 615.782.4568 or by writing to the following address:

CGS Administrators, LLC
26 Century Blvd STE ST610
Nashville, TN 37214-3685
Attention: Privacy Officer

For more information regarding instances where we collect your information, see our myCGS portal privacy policy.

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