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April 12, 2024

Provider Level Adjustment Codes on Remittance Advice

National DME MAC Education

Suppliers informed the DME MACs they needed a way to identify which of their locations, sharing the same Tax ID (TIN), caused their payments to be withheld. As a result, an update to the Healthcare Integrated General Ledger Accounting System (HIGLAS) is complete. Beginning April 1, 2024, you will see a change in your remittance advice. This update adds the PTAN of the location that caused the withholding to occur. HIGLAS recovers overpayments from any of the associated PTANs sharing the same TIN. Your funds may have been withheld by HIGLAS because you share the same TIN with other location(s) that were offset. The PTAN that caused the withholding will now appear on the remittance advice.

See below for an example of the updated remittance advice that provides the PTAN that caused the offset:

remittance advice example


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