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March 1, 2024

myCGS 8.2.1 Now Available

myCGS 8.2.1 is now available. This version addresses several known issues:

  • When verifying physician name and NPI for Prior Authorization Smart Submission (PASS), myCGS was incorrectly stating a match doesn’t exist in certain circumstances (if the physician’s last name changed). This has been resolved.
  • Redetermination status was occasionally displaying extra documents that were not part of the Redetermination. This has been fixed.
  • Corrected an issue in which myCGS was unable to find Redetermination status for some beneficiaries who have cross-referenced HICNs.

Do you have an idea that you’d like to see implemented in myCGS? Use the “Feedback” button found in the web portal to let us know!


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