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January 18, 2024

Retired: Home Assessment for Manual Wheelchairs – Reminder

Joint DME MAC Publication

Information about whether the beneficiary's home can accommodate a manual wheelchair (Criterion C), also called the home assessment, must be fully documented in the beneficiary's medical record or the supplier's records. The home assessment may be done directly by visiting the beneficiary's home or indirectly based upon information provided by the beneficiary or their designee. When performed indirectly, for example, in order to expedite discharge from a hospital or skilled nursing facility, the supplier must still confirm in person at the time of delivery that the item delivered meets the requirements specified in Criterion C. Issues including, but not limited to, the physical layout of the home, surfaces to be traversed, and obstacles must be addressed by and documented in the home assessment to support medical necessity.

The requirement for a direct, in-person assessment of the home environment remains whether the supplier delivers the wheelchair directly to the beneficiary or if a caregiver picks up the chair from the supplier. The confirmation of the home assessment may not be met by indirect methods such as telephone or virtual conversations with the beneficiary or their caregiver, regardless of where or by whom the wheelchair is delivered. The supplier ultimately remains responsible for the completion and documentation of the home assessment.

Publication History

June 13, 2024 Retired due to information no longer current, effective July 1, 2024. Refer to the Manual Wheelchair Bases LCD-related Policy Article (A52497) for home assessment information.
January 18, 2024 Originally Published


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