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March 13, 2023

myCGS 7.3.9 Adds Additional Hospice Information

myCGS 7.3.9 is now available! In this update, we've added additional information to the Hospice screen. When myCGS finds hospice enrollment, the following information will be displayed on the Eligibility screen:

  • Notice of Election Start date
  • Notice of Election Receipt Date
  • Benefit Period Start Date
  • Benefit Period End Date
  • Revocation Code1
  • Revocation Receipt Date2
  • Hospice NPI3

NOTE: myCGS will return all hospice episodes that appear in the beneficiary's records within 16 months (one year prior to and four months after) of the date of service submitted in your request.

  1. The Revocation Code indicates the revocation status for the hospice episode listed. Below is a list of Revocation Codes and their definitions:

    Medicare Beneficiary in Hospice Care

    0 – Not revoked, open spell

    Medicare Beneficiary with Hospice Care Revoked

    1 – Revoked by notice of revocation
    2 – Revoked by notice of revocation with a non-payment code of "N" and an occurrence code of "42"
    3 – Revoked by a Hospice claim with an occurrence code of "23"

  2. The Revocation Receipt Date will only be populated when there is a Revocation Code of 1, 2, or 3.
  3. You can use the NPI to find the name and contact information of the hospice by visiting the NPI RegistryExternal Website.


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