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December 12, 2022

myCGS 7.3.5 Includes Beneficiary Address and Other Eligibility Enhancements—Available Now!

myCGS 7.3.5 has been released to add several new enhancements related to beneficiary eligibility, including one of the most requested enhancements by myCGS users—the beneficiary’s full address!

The new version of myCGS includes the following enhancements:

  • Eligibility responses now include the latest HETS data regarding the Part B Immunosuppressant Drug (Part B-ID) benefit. Part B-ID helps people with Medicare pay for immunosuppressive drugs beyond 36 months following a kidney transplant, if they do not have other health care coverage. The new benefit only covers immunosuppressive drugs; no other items or services are covered.

    If a beneficiary is enrolled in the Part B-ID benefit, then their Part B eligibility in myCGS will display as Part B – ID Effective (and End) Dates, as shown below.

    ID Effective

  • The beneficiary address is now included in eligibility responses, as you can see in the image below.

    Eligibility Summary

  • Hospice information has been updated to include the revocation code of the hospice episode. The hospice revocation code will show one of the following values:

    Medicare Beneficiary in Hospice Care
    0 – Not revoked, open spell

    Medicare Beneficiary with Hospice Care Revoked
    1 – Revoked by notice of revocation
    2 – Revoked by notice of revocation with a non-payment code of “N” and an occurrence code of “42”
    3 – Revoked by a Hospice claim with an occurrence code of “23”

  • The SNF/Hospital screen now shows all SNF/Hospital stays found within a 16-month span one year prior to and four months after the date of service entered in the search.

Complete instructions will soon be available in the myCGS User Manual.


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