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December 7, 2021

Understanding the myCGS Status Button

Have you ever tried to use myCGS and wondered if the site was experiencing a technical issue? If so, you don't have to call Customer Support. Just check the myCGS Status button!


The myCGS Status button is located at the top of the website, in below the "Join Electronic Mailing List" link and just above the search bar. It is present on every CGS webpage. The button's color indicates the myCGS status:

  • Green – myCGS is functioning normally
  • Yellow – there is an issue with one of the myCGS features
  • Red – myCGS is currently down

If you click on the myCGS Status button, you'll go to the myCGS Alerts page, which lists the myCGS Status button key, as well as current and past myCGS issues and their statuses.

As always, you can refer to the myCGS FAQs as a helpful resource.


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