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April 5, 2023

Use myCGS to Submit Prior Authorization Accessories for Power Mobility Devices

Beginning March 20, 2023, the DME MACs began to allow the submission of accessory HCPCS codes with certain Power Mobility Device (PMD) Prior Authorization (PA) requests. With this rule in effect, myCGS now accepts PA accessory codes for PMD as well. Note that submission of accessories on a PA request is completely voluntary.

If you're submitting a PA request for a PMD and wish to include accessory codes on your request, follow these steps (also refer to the myCGS User Manual for these instructions):

  • Go to the Prior Authorization Form Submission screen and generate a PA Request Coversheet using the appropriate base equipment HCPCS code.

    Prior Auth Submission
  • After entering the appropriate information and pressing the Submit button, myCGS will verify the beneficiary and HCPCS information you have entered, then take you to the Prior Authorization Request (PAR) Coversheet screen.
  • On the PAR Coversheet, complete all the required information. To include accessory codes, select the Yes radio button in the "Do you want to include voluntary accessory codes for review?" field.
  • In the "Related Accessories" field, select the HCPCS codes you wish to include in your Prior Authorization request. To select more than one code, press and hold the Ctrl key on your keyboard while you click on each code. If you've selected a code by accident which you don't want to include, Ctrl-click on the code again to deselect it.

    PAR Cover Sheet
  • After completing the rest of the coversheet and uploading your supporting documents, press Submit. The accessory codes selected will display in a list on the coversheet along with the base equipment code.

    NOTE: Do not upload a separate PA coversheet with your request. When submitting a PA request via myCGS, a coversheet is automatically generated and included in your submission.

Refer to the following article on our website for additional information about PMD PA accessories: Power Mobility Device Accessory Voluntary Prior Authorization. For additional information about using myCGS, refer to the myCGS User Manual.


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