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December 20, 2021 – Updated 02.13.23

Important Tip for Searching Medicare Advantage Plan Eligibility Information in myCGS

Using the Eligibility search in myCGS to find current date Medicare Advantage Plan (MAP) information requires adjusting the date of service from the default setting. Carefully read the instructions below.

The Beneficiary Eligibility Request in myCGS defaults the date of service field to today's date, but you can change the field by entering a specific date.

Beneficiary Eligibility Request

myCGS searches for eligibility information within a 16-month span—one year prior to and four months after—of the date of service entered. Since the date of service field defaults to today's date, any known future information (within the four-month future span from today's date) will display in the default search.

It's important to note that the MAP information in myCGS is based on the four-month future date, rather than the current date (or date entered in the search). For instance, if you enter 2/15/2023 as the date of service in your eligibility search, the MAP information displayed in myCGS will be for 6/15/2023. Therefore, if you need to find MAP information that is current for today, you need to subtract four months from today's date when entering the date of service. (If today is 2/15/2023, then you would search for date of service 10/15/2022).

The following chart illustrates the date of service and MAP information displayed in myCGS.

If the current month is: A default eligibility search will show MAP information as of: To view MAP information current as of today, change the date of service to:
January May of the current year September of the previous year
February June of the current year October of the previous year
March July of the current year November of the previous year
April August of the current year December of the previous year
May September of the current year January of the current year
June October of the current year February of the current year
July November of the current year March of the current year
August December of the current year April of the current year
September January of the following year May of the current year
October February of the following year June of the current year
November March of the following year July of the current year
December April of the following year August of the current year


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