June 18, 2019

Additional Ways to Drive YOUR Reopenings with Automation!

Automation enables you to submit required values which allow the claim to adjust without manual intervention. The BEST vehicle to do this….myCGS!

You now have even MORE control of your Reopenings to drive FASTER adjustments! 

The preferred method is to use myCGS; however, some of the options are available for the hardcopy forms, as well:

Attention Hardcopy Form Submitters:

  • Consider using myCGS, our FREE web portal, for a FASTER electronic way to submit your Reopenings!  Registration is available here. 
  • If using the Reopenings form, to avoid problems with legibility and the automation process, type information directly onto the form, save a copy, and then print it to send.

Updated 9.10.19

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