myCGS Status


myCGS Status

Below is a list of known issues that users have experienced in myCGS. Please refer to this page for workarounds and resolutions to myCGS issues.

Date Reported Issue Details Workaround Status Date Resolved
10.01.20 Appeals Information not available myCGS users are currently unable to view appeals information via the claims status screen in myCGS. The message “Unable to retrieve data at this time, please try again later.” NA Open  
08.20.20 myCGS Remittances Update: Remittances are once again available in myCGS.

The system used by myCGS to access remittance advices is currently experiencing technical difficulties.  As a result, remittances may not be accessible in myCGS until the issue is resolved.
NA Closed 08.20.20
01.09.20 myCGS Registration When a new user selects "Register for myCGS" to create an account, there is either no response or the Log-In screen displays. The issue is currently being investigated. NA Closed 08.19.20
07.08.19 Submitting eOffset Requests When requesting a Demand Letter Offset through the myCGS eOffset function, you are required to enter either the demand letter number or the AR number(s) associated with the overpayment. If you choose the option to enter the letter number, our system may be unable to locate it, preventing you from entering the request. Choose the option to enter the AR number(s) instead. Closed 08.19.20

Updated 10.01.20

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