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myCGS Part B Automated Reopenings: MSP – Reprocess Primary

Part B providers may submit reopening requests to reprocess a claim we originally processed and denied as secondary and the beneficiaries MSP record is now updated to reflect Medicare is primary. This includes Medicaid claims which denied as timely filing.

NOTE: Reopening requests must be submitted within 12 months of the original claim remittance date.

Automated Reopenings Request Form Instructions: MSP – Reprocess Primary

  1. Once you are logged into myCGS, select the FORMS tab.

  2. From the Secure Forms page, select REOPENINGS from the Select a Topic drop-down box.

  3. The Select a Type drop-down will default to REOPENINGS. Click on the "Reopenings: ER-J15-B-1010" link located at the bottom of the page.


    The Reopening Request form will display. Required fields are identified by a RED asterisk (*). For your convenience, some fields of the form are pre-populated with information specific to your myCGS User ID and PTAN/NPI combination.

  4. Verify/complete the PROVIDER INFORMATION section.
    • Add your phone number in the appropriate field.
  5. Complete the BENEFICIARY INFORMATION section.
    • Enter the patient's name
    • Enter the patient's Medicare ID.

  6. Complete the CLAIMS INFORMATION section.
    • Enter the Claim Internal Control Number (ICN). The ICN is located on your CGS RA.

    • Click the drop-down box under Type and select MSP – REPROCESS PRIMARY.

    • Under the Action drop-down box, select the Reprocess option.
    • The Line, and Position drop-downs, in addition to the New Value field are not applicable when this type is selected, so it will be grayed.
    • Click ADD to attach this request to the form.

  7. Submit your form by entering your name and click the SUBMIT button.


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