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The Jurisdiction 15 Web Portal

myCGS is a web-based application developed specifically to serve the needs of health care providers and their staff in Jurisdiction 15. Access to myCGS is available 24/7, and is free of charge to all CGS providers. myCGS offers a variety of functions, such as, access to beneficiary eligibility, claim and payment information, forms allowing you to submit redetermination requests, and respond to Medical Review Additional Development Requests (ADR), and much more. Refer to the myCGS User Manual Web page for more details.

To use myCGS, providers must have an Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) agreement on file with CGS. If you do not have an EDI agreement with CGS, refer to the J15 EDI Enrollment (Agreement) Form & InstructionsPDF document for assistance. In addition, to ensure you are able to utilize this free self-service option, please refer to the myCGS System Requirements.

myCGS does not currently support simultaneous use of the portal on multiple browser tabs.

Using myCGS in more than one browser tab at the same time may cause errors in your submissions.

To avoid delays in processing of your request, please limit your usage of myCGS to one tab in your internet browser.


Once user access is established, providers are encouraged to utilize the following learning resources:

A summary of some of the myCGS functions you may be interested in as a myCGS user:

Helpful articles and job aids to assist myCGS home health and hospice users:

Updated: 04.18.19

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