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Claim Page 01 – Entering a Notice of Termination/Revocation - NOTR (8XB)

Change Request 8877External PDF requires that a Notice of Termination/Revocation (NOTR), also known by its type of bill - 8XB must be submitted to, and accepted by, CGS within 5 calendar days after the hospice discharge or revocation, unless a final hospice claim has already been submitted. To be accepted by CGS, the NOTR must be free of billing or keying errors that would cause the NOTR to be returned or rejected.

An NOTR may be submitted to CGS via direct data entry (DDE), meaning it can be keyed directly into the Fiscal Intermediary Standard System (FISS). To submit a NOTR, providers may use FISS Option 49 (NOE/NOA), and complete information on Claim Page 01 and Claim Page 03. You may also submit NOEs via Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) effective with the January 2, 2018, implementation of Change Request (CR) 10064. Refer to CMS 837I NOE Companion Guide for the required elements. 

CMS is aware of cases where the NOTR is returned to the provider (RTPd) when the date of discharge/revocation is beyond the posted hospice benefit period at Common Working File (CWF). CMS issued an MLN Connects Provider eNews article on November 26, 2014External Website, which states that Medicare considers hospices to have met the filing requirement of a timely-filed NOTR if the NOTR they submit is returned for this reason.

The screenprints and tables below indicate what fields are required, and what data is required in each field. If information is not entered correctly, your NOTR will be returned to you for correction (RTP).



  • RED = Required field
  • BLUE = Optional field
  • GREEN = Conditional field, dependent on the type of claim
  • PURPLE = System generated field
  • BLACK = Not required field

Field Descriptions for NOTR Page 01 – MAP 1711

Field Name/Requirement



Enter the beneficiary's Medicare ID number


81B (nonhospital based)

82B (Hospital-based)


Enter your National Provider Identifier (NPI)


Up to 20 digits are available for you to enter your internal account number for tracking purposes.


Enter the start date of the hospice election period as the “FROM” date.

Example: The election period in which the discharge/revocation occurred is 04/16/YY. The revocation was effective 05/31/YY. The FROM date reported would be 04/16/YY.

Note: If the beneficiary transferred to your hospice during the benefit period, the FROM date must match the START DATE 2 on the benefit period that initiated the transfer. The START DATE 2 field is available on the FISS DDE MAP175I (Inquiry Option 10, Beneficiary/CWF). Refer to the FISS DDE Guide, Chapter Three: Inquiry MenuPDF for additional information.

If the revocation follows a change of ownership, the FROM date must match the OWNER CHANGE start date on the benefit period.

Enter the date the termination/revocation is effective in the "TO" field.


Enter the beneficiary's last name exactly as it appears on the Medicare card or the beneficiary's eligibility file.


Enter the beneficiary's first name exactly as it appears on the Medicare card or the beneficiary's eligibility file.


Enter the beneficiary's date of birth.


Enter the beneficiary's full mailing address, including street name and number, post office box number or RFD, city and state.


Enter the beneficiary's zip code.


Enter the beneficiary's gender using the appropriate alpha character.

M= Male F=Female


Enter the start date of the hospice election period in which the discharge or revocation is effective. This date should match the “FROM” date submitted on the NOE, TOB 8XA if the beneficiary did not transfer after electing the Medicare hospice benefit.

If the beneficiary transferred after electing the Medicare hospice benefit, enter the Start Date 2 of the benefit period in which the patient transferred. This date should match the “FROM” date submitted on the Notice of Change, TOB 8XC. If there was a Notice of Change of Ownership, TOB 8XE billed, then the “FROM” date would need to match the date on the 8XE.


Enter the hospice's ZIP code (9-digit). The ZIP code entered must match the ZIP code in the Master Address field of the provider's address file at CGS.

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Updated: 01.15.19

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