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Phone / Fax

Providers are required to use self-service technology, such as the Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system or the myCGS web portal to access claim status and beneficiary eligibility information. Customer Service Representatives (CSRs) will refer providers to these resources when calling for claims status or eligibility information. Exceptions will be made if your experience technical difficulties.

Before calling to speak with a Customer Service Representative (CSR) in the Provider Contact Center (PCC), consider reviewing the following resources:

Customer Service

Phone: 866.276.9558

  • Option 1: Claims
  • Option 2: Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)
  • Option 3: Provider Enrollment (PE)
  • Option 4: Telephone Reopening (TRO)
  • Option 5: Overpayment Recovery (OPR)
  • Option 9: General Inquiries

8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. (EST)

Before you call, make sure you have:

  • Your National Provider Identifier (NPI);
  • Your Provider Transaction Access Number (PTAN);
  • The last 5 digits of the provider Tax Identification Number (TIN); and
  • Beneficiaries Medicare ID number, first name, last name, date of birth.
Telecommunications Devices for the Deaf (TTD/TTY)

Phone: 888.270.9481

Beneficiary Customer Service Calls

Phone: 1.800.MEDICARE (1.800.633.4227)

Congressional Inquiries

615.664.5913 – KY Inquiries
615.664.5923 – OH Inquiries

General Correspondence

Fax: 615.782.4490

Medical Director

Fax: 615.664.5961

Other Options:

Clinical questions may be submitted in writing to:

Earl Berman, MD
Chief Medical Officer, J15 A/B MAC

Overpayment Recovery

Fax refund Checks too:
Kentucky – 615.664.5916
Ohio – 615.664.5926


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