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Hospice Occurrence Code 27 Calculator

Hospices report occurrence code (OC) 27 and the date on all notices of election (NOEs) and initial claims following a hospice election. OC 27 and the date are also required on all subsequent claims when the claims From and To dates overlap the first day of the next benefit period. When OC 27 is required, but not reported, or does not include the correct date, the NOE or claim will go to the Return to Provider (RTP) file with reason code U5181.

This calculator will determine if your claim requires OC 27 and what date should be reported with OC 27. Enter the Admission Date, From and To Dates of your claim in MM/DD/CCYY format, and click "Determine if OC 27 is required >>."

NOTE: This calculator does not apply in the following situation

  • When the beneficiary has been discharged and readmitted to hospice or transfers.
  • Untimely recertifications (see NOTE below).
Admission Date:
From Date:
To Date:

NOTE: The OC 27 and date are also used to report an untimely recertification. If the recertification is untimely, the hospice must include an Occurrence Span Code (OSC) 77 on their claim to indicate the span of days that were not covered (from day 1 of the benefit period until the recertification was obtained). OC 27 must be included on the claim to reflect the date the recertification was actually obtained. OC 27 cannot fall within the OSC 77 dates. Reason code U5181 will apply if the OC 27 date falls within the OSC 77 dates.


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