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Provider Statistical and Reimbursement Reports

The Provider Statistical and Reimbursement (PS&R) reports are generated by a system maintained by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). The PS&R system accumulates Medicare Part A data processed by the standard claims processing system.

The primary PS&R report is the Provider Summary report, which includes a summary of Medicare charges, patient days, deductibles, coinsurance, payments, etc. for each provider for a specified period of time. The Provider Summary reports should be used by a provider when preparing the Medicare cost report.

CMS has implemented the new redesigned PS&R system effective for cost reporting periods ending on or after January 31, 2009. Providers with cost reports ending after this will obtain the PS&R reports needed to file the Medicare cost report by accessing the Enterprise Identity Management (EIDM) system. A provider must first register for an EIDM account to allow access to PS&R data specific to their organization.

With the implementation of the redesigned PS&R, you will not be sent a summary PS&R to use in filing a cost report. Providers will be expected to obtain PS&R reports from the redesigned PS&R website. Detail PS&R requests will continue to be made through the J15 MAC.

For additional information about the redesigned PS&R refer to the Overview section of the CMS Provider Statistical & Reimbursement ReportExternal WebsiteWeb page. Additional information about accessing EIDM is also available under the Provider Community and FI/MAC Community sections of that same page.

CGS Home Health and Hospice providers may contact us at 1.615.660.5562 for questions regarding their PS&R.

Revised: 03.13.18

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