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When Occupational and Physical Therapist Both Provide Services

There may be instances where both physical and occupational therapists are providing services to the same beneficiary.

Examples of where there is not a duplication of services include:

  • Transfers - Physical therapy instructs in transfers to ascertain the level of safety with the techniques. Occupational therapy instructs and utilizes transfers as they relate to the performance of daily living skills (e.g., transfer from wheelchair to bathtub to bathe).
  • Hip Fractures/Arthroplasties - Physical therapy instructs in hip precautions and gait training. Occupational therapy carries out and reinforces the precautions when training in activities of daily living (e.g., lower extremity dressing, toileting, and bathing).
  • CVA - Physical therapy utilizes upper extremity neuro-development techniques (NDTs) to assist in positioning the upper extremities on a walker and in gait training. Occupational therapy utilizes upper extremity neuro-development techniques (NDTs) to increase the functional use of the upper extremity for dressing, bathing, grooming, etc.

Posted: 09.27.11

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