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Part B Average Provider Enrollment Applications Processing Time

The information below represents the current average days (over the most recent 30 day period) for CGS to complete processing a Medicare provider enrollment application and represents the average across all enrollment application scenarios.

Reasons that might delay the processing time include:

  • Complex enrollment applications such as Changes of Ownership and Independent Diagnostic Testing Facilities
  • Applications with missing or incomplete data requiring CGS to contact the provider/contact person via letter.
  • CMS 855 Paper applications

Reasons that help to decrease the processing time include:

The average processing times shown are indicative of day one being the day a paper application was received in the CGS mailroom or a PECOS WEB application was signed and submitted to CGS all the way through a final enrollment decision with a letter mailed to the provider. For applications that require CMS and/or State certification prior to final approval, the times represent the time it takes CGS to complete the review and recommendation of approval. CGS will acknowledge receipt of all applications with a letter that is emailed to providers and contact persons.

To know when you can expect your application to be completed, please see the chart below for a the average completion time.

Application Type Current Average Days to Completion
PECOS WEB Applications – Complete Submission, No Additional Information Needed 7
PECOS WEB Applications – Incomplete Information Missing 28
Paper Applications – Complete Submission, No Additional Information Needed 6
Paper Applications – Incomplete Information Missing 26
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