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Job Aid: Duplicate File Rejections – PC-Ace Pro 32

Problem: Customers receiving rejection stating file is a duplicate due to the file/batch number was sent twice within a 12-month period.
Expected Result: Prevent files from rejecting as duplicates due to the file/batch number.
Resolution: Change the serial number within the file so that the files will not reject as duplicate:
  1. Click on the Reference File Maintance button
  2. Click on the Codes/Misc tab
  3. Under the Shared list, click on the Submitter button
  4. Click on Professional for Part B or Institutional for Part A/HHH
  5. Click on the submitter file and click on the View/Update button
  6. Click on the Prepare tab
  7. Change the number in the Next Serial Number field
  8. Click on the Save button.


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