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Nashville Mega Workshop

Nashville Mega Workshop

DME MAC Jurisdictions B & C
Nashville Mega Workshop

August 5, 2024 | 8 am–4:30 pm

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Southwestern Conference Center, 2451 Atrium Way, Nashville, TN, 37214

Registration Fee: $80

Workshop Session Descriptions

Session One: 8–9:00 am CT (All Attendees)

Medicare Updates
Everyone will start their day with an overview of recent changes and updates to the Medicare program. Dr. Robert Hoover and Dr. Sunil Lalla, medical directors for Jurisdiction B and C, will be on hand for this session.

Session Two: 9:15–11 am CT (Select One)

Documentation Requirements for DME & Supplies
This session provides an overview of standard documentation requirements in the Supplier Manual and Policy Article A55426. DME suppliers will ensure that they are aware of documentation requirements on amendments, corrections to medical records, signature requirements, standard written orders, continued use vs. continued need, request for refills, and proof of delivery.

Documentation Requirements for Orthotics & Prosthetics (O&P)
This session supplies an overview of medical record documentation from an O&P perspective, including information on written order prior to delivery, face-to-face encounters, and the differences between custom fit and custom-fabricated orthotics.

Session Three: 12:15–1:15 pm CT (Select One)

Successful Claim Submission
This session supplies basic information on eligibility, the intake process, and the claim submission process. We recommend this course for new suppliers and employees whose roles have recently changed in your company.

Orthoses: Prior Authorization, Errors, and Resolutions
This session looks at the prior authorization requirements for orthoses. We will also share examples of the most common reasons for denials, non-affirmations, and tips on how to avoid them.

Oxygen Local Coverage Determination (LCD) Updates
Join this session to learn about the latest updates to the Oxygen & Oxygen Equipment LCD and Policy Article (PA).

Glucose Monitors Updates, Errors, and Resolutions
This session reviews the latest updates and information about Medicare coverage and documentation requirements for glucose monitors and continuous glucose monitors (CGMs). We will also share information on common claim submission errors and resolutions.

Session Four: 1:25–2:25 pm CT (Select One)

Self-Service Tools
This session provides an overview of the free self-service solutions available on the CGS website. We will discuss how these services help find the answers you need without calling customer support. Attendees will learn ways to find information on claim submissions, claim denials, and claim denial resolutions.

Prostheses: Prior Authorization, Errors, and Resolutions
This session looks at the prior authorization requirements for prostheses. We will also share examples of the most common reasons for denials, non-affirmations, and tips on how to avoid them.

Positive Airway Pressure (PAP) Devices and Supplies
This session supplies discusses the coverage criteria, documentation requirements and recent updates for PAP devices and supplies.

Reopenings, Redeterminations and Overpayments
This session will explain when it is appropriate to submit a reopening, a claim correction, or a redetermination request. We will discuss the fastest and most effective ways to request each for a successful outcome along with information on handling overpayments.

Session Five: 2:35–3:35 pm CT (Select One)

Advance Beneficiary Notices (ABNs) & Upgrades
This session reviews financial implications associated with ABNs, as well as when and how to deliver ABNs to Medicare beneficiaries and submit claims for upgrades.

Auditing Entities
This session reviews who the auditing contractors are, the role of the auditing contractors, and how to prepare for an audit.

This session will provide an overview of the Prior Authorization process for both power mobility devices (PMDs) as well as manual wheelchairs, with a discussion of the most common denial reasons and how to avoid them.

Consolidated Billing
Knowing who and how to bill when beneficiaries are in a skilled nursing facility, home health episode, or hospice can be challenging. This session provides detailed information on how consolidated billing works. The GW modifier for beneficiaries in hospice will also be discussed.

Session Six: 3:35–4:30 pm CT (Select One)

Choose one of two Question & Answers (Q&A) periods. These sessions are a great way to end your day with a chance to ask any remaining questions you may have.

Orthotics & Prosthetics Questions & Answers (Q&A)

DME Questions & Answers (Q&A)

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