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CGS Administrators, LLC Privacy Policy

Last reviewed: 10.05.22

CGS Administrators, LLC ("CGS" or "We") protects the privacy of personally identifiable information ("PII") collected on this CGS' Web Site (the "Site"). This Privacy Policy describes the PII We collect and how We use, disclose, and protect the PII that the user ("You") provides to CGS.

The Information We Collect

While using the Site, You may provide us with two types of PII:

  • Medicare Claims-Related PII. "Medicare Claims-Related PII" is information that directly relates to CGS Administrators' processing of claims for the Medicare Fee-for-Service program. This information includes, for example, the Legal Business Name, Company Address, Company Phone Number, Tax ID/EIN, PTAN, National Provider Identifier, and other information about the health care provider that You represent. It also includes claims, eligibility inquiries, claim status inquiries, redetermination requests, and information regarding repayments of Medicare overpayments.
  • Other PII. "Other PII" is information We collect that is NOT directly related to CGS' processing of claims for the Medicare Fee-for-Service program. This information includes, for example, names of administrators and users and their e-mail addresses, Security Question information, and other identifying information. We also may collect any information You submit in questions You send us through our "Contact Us" or similar features. By providing Other PII to us, You authorize us to use the information in accordance with this Privacy Policy.

Medicare Claims-Related PII is subject to the privacy policies of the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services ("CMS"), which administers the Medicare program. CMS describes those policies on various forms you complete as part of the process to enroll in Medicare, on CMS claims forms and other CMS forms. We collect and use Medicare Claims-Related PII (including Social Security Numbers) on CMS's behalf under the authority of the Social Security Act §§ 1842, 1862(b), and 1874 (42 U.S.C. §§ 1395u, 1395y(b), and 1395kk). As CMS's contractor, We must use, disclose, and safeguard Medicare Claims-Related PII in accordance with the applicable CMS policy. This Privacy Policy does not address Medicare Claims-Related PII.

This Privacy Policy applies only to Other PII.

We use Other PII for the purposes of (a) identifying valid users, (b) determining role-based access, (c) authenticating and approving access for conducting transactions related to processing of claims for the Medicare Fee-for-Service program and (d) responding to your inquiries. Except for our vendors who must comply with this Privacy Policy, We do not share Other PII with entities unless they are government agencies or entities performing functions on behalf of government agencies. In response to inquiries, We may disclose Other PII to the Department of Health and Human Services, the Department of Justice, or Congressional Offices. We may disclose Other PII to federal and state agencies for matters relating to fraud, program abuse, utilization review, quality assurance, peer review, program integrity, third-party liability, coordination of benefits, and civil and criminal litigation. You do not have the option to consent to or opt out of these uses or disclosures, and by providing Other PII to us, you authorize us to use and to make disclosures of the information in accordance with this Privacy Policy. If You decline to provide Other PII to us (thereby authorizing us to use and to make disclosures of the information in accordance with this Privacy Policy), you will be unable to use the Site.

Safeguarding Information

CGS is obligated by the federal Privacy Act, 5 U.S.C. Section 552a to protect your privacy. We use a variety of secure techniques designed to protect Other PII. These techniques include the following:

  • We require you to use a user name, password, and Multifactor Authentication (MFA) code to access the Site. You are responsible for keeping your password secure, however.
  • We regularly review our information safeguards with respect to collection, storage, and processing of Other PII, including administrative, physical, and technical security safeguards, to minimize the likelihood of unauthorized access to the Site.
  • We permit only employees or contractors who need to access Other PII in order to efficiently operate the Site and conduct transactions with You. These employees and contractors are subject to strict contractual confidentiality obligations and may be disciplined or terminated if they fail to meet these obligations.

Data collected through our websites will be kept long enough to achieve the specified objective for which they were collected. The data generated from these activities is subject to the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) General Records Schedule (GRS) ( website) sections GRS 3.1, GRS 3.2, GRS 4.1 and GRS 4.3; and will be retained and destroyed according to the requirements of the schedules set out therein.


When You visit any website, whether our website or some other website, its server may generate a piece of text known as a "cookie" to place on your computer. The cookie allows the server to "remember" specific information about your visit while You are connected. The cookie makes it easier for You to use the dynamic features of Web pages. Cookies from the Site collect information only about your browser's visit to the Site. They do not collect personal information about You.

If You do not wish to have cookies placed on your computer, You can disable them using your Web browser. If You opt out of cookies, You will still have access to all information and resources on the Site. Instructions for disabling or opting out of cookies in the most popular browsers are located at website. Please note that by opting out of cookies, You will disable cookies from all sources, not just from the Site.

Links to Other Sites

The Site may include links to other Medicare-related sites, other government sites, and occasionally to private organizations. Once You leave the Site, You are no longer subject to this Privacy Policy. You should review the privacy policy of the sites You are visiting to determine how your PII will be used, disclosed, and protected on that site.

Changes to this Privacy Policy

Your use of this Site constitutes your acceptance of the terms of this Privacy Policy, as may be amended or revised by us from time to time. We may update this Privacy Policy from time to time. We may advise You that changes have been made by posting a notice on this Site or otherwise. The date of the latest revisions will be noted above at the beginning of this Privacy Policy. Please consult this Site and the Privacy Policy regularly for any changes.


We do not knowingly collect or use information from children under the age of 18 without the consent of a parent or guardian. To best protect your child's privacy, You should please supervise your child's access to the Internet, and this Site's content, carefully. For more information on how to protect your child's privacy, You can visit the Federal Trade Commission's Kids' privacy page, accessible via www.ftc.govExternal website.

Corrections and Updates

To obtain a copy of Other PII You provided us, including how to make corrections or updates, You should contact us through the "Contact Us" section of the Site or by calling our Customer Service department at: (Part A) 866.590.6703 | (Part B) 866.276.9558 | (HHH) 877.299.4500 | (DME) 866.270.4909. Please do not transmit or email sensitive information to us for the purpose of corrections or updates.

Please note that this web site is specific to medical professionals, such as Physicians, Home Health and Hospice organizations, Hospitals, DME Suppliers, etc. Medicare beneficiaries and their representatives should contact 1.800.MEDICARE (1.800.633.4227) for all of their questions about Medicare Privacy.

Contacting the Privacy Office

Contact our Privacy Officer for any privacy questions or to report privacy concerns. You may contact the CGS Privacy Officer at 615.782.4568 or by writing to the following address:

CGS Administrators, LLC
26 Century Blvd STE ST610
Nashville, TN 37214-3685
Attention: Privacy Officer

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