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March 27, 2019

Benefits of Filing Electronic Claims

Do you find the drudgery of completing the CMS-1500 claim form and mailing it to the DME MAC tiring? Do you get claims rejected because something was missed on the claim form? There is another option available to you – file your claims to us electronically!

Per Chapter 6 of the DME MAC Supplier Manual (Jurisdiction B or Jurisdiction C), "Administrative Simplification Compliance Act (ASCA), Public Law (PL) 107-105, and the implementing regulation at 42 CFR 424.32, requires that all initial claims for reimbursement under Medicare (except from small providers) be submitted electronically as of October 16, 2003, with limited exceptions." Even if your business is allowed a valid exception (i.e., small supplier, dental claim, or you only submit a few claims a month), you can still file your DME claims electronically.

Let's review some benefits of electronic filing:

After seeing these great benefits, are you ready to make the switch and file your DME MAC claims electronically? If so, you will not regret the decision!

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