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Recovery Audit Program

The goal of the Recovery Audit program is to identify and reduce improper payments made on claims for services provided to Medicare beneficiaries. All providers, including home health and hospice providers, may be subject to claims review by a RAC.

Recovery auditors (formerly known as Recovery Audit Contractors or RACs) are divided into jurisdictions, and are separate from the contract that CGS has to processing Medicare claims. Refer to the Medicare Fee-for-Service RAC RegionsExternal PDF map and the CMS Medicare Fee for Service Recovery Audit ProgramExternal website Web page for additional information.

For contact information, refer to the " Medicare Fee For Service RAC Contact InformationExternal PDF" on the CMS website. Each recovery auditor will publish the issues they are selecting. All issues for review by the recovery auditor are approved by CMS, and posted to the Recovery Auditors websites prior to the review being conducted.

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Updated: 07.20.18

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