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Offsets Offsets

Providers can elect to request “immediate offset” to avoid making payment by check and/or avoid the assessment of interest.

The request may be for:

  • A one-time request for a specific demanded overpayment (the total amount of the demanded overpayment); or
  • A permanent request for the specific demanded overpayment and all future overpayments.

Providers who choose immediate recoupment must do so in writing to the contractors. The request may be submitted regular mail, facsimile, or web portal.  The request must include the Provider’s name, contact phone number, Medicare number and/or National Provider Identifier (NPI), Provider or Chief Financial Officer's signature, demand letter number and what option the provider is requesting. 

To utilize the myCGS Web Portal to submit your request refer to the 'eOffsets' Job AidPDF or complete the Immediate Offset Request FormPDF  and fax request to:

  • 1.615.664.5916 (KY)
  • 1.615.664.5926 (OH)


By choosing immediate recoupment, providers must understand that they are waiving their rights to interest under Section 935 of the Medicare Modernization Act (MMA) should the overpayment be reversed at the Administration Law Judge level (ALJ) or subsequent higher levels.

Providers can terminate the immediate recoupment process at any time. The request to terminate must be in writing.

If the full amount of the debt is not recouped within the first 30 days the debt will accrue interest and follow normal collection processes.

Immediate offsets will only occur on provider numbers that are still receiving payments from Medicare.

If a provider currently has an immediate offset agreement in place they are required to submit a new request in writing. The old agreement will remain in effect upon request until a new form can be submitted.

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