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March 18, 2020

Updated Fiscal Intermediary Standard System (FISS) Direct Data Entry (DDE) Screen Changes

The April 2020 quarterly system release, which will be implemented on April 6, 2020, includes changes to the following FISS DDE screen. The Chapter Three: Inquiry Menu of the Part A DDE User Manual/Reference Guide and the home health and hospice FISS DDE Guide have been updated to reflect these changes. Please review the following information and share with your appropriate staff.

Beneficiary/CWF (Option 10)

When you select the Beneficiary/CWF, Option 10 from the Inquiry Menu, you can access various eligibility information. The following eligibility screens have been updated/added.


The MAP1475J screen was revised to remove the PPV field. The new screen MAP175R was created to display the pneumococcal pneumonia vaccination (PPV) HCPCS 90670 and 90732. This revision will be implemented with the April quarterly system release on April 6, 2020.



The MAP175Q was implemented with the January 2020 quarterly system release. This screen displays information the Common Working File (CWF) for Radiation Oncology Model (PBRO) Auxiliary file for up to 10 episodes of care for a beneficiary.



The MAP175R will be implemented with the April quarterly system release, April 6, 2020. This displays the PPV HCPCS 90670 and 90732 with the 10 most recent dates of service and National Provider Identifier (NPI) for each occurrence listed.


Access the following FISS DDE chapters for more details and field descriptions.

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