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January 27, 2020

Making it Easy to Submit Your Credit Balance Report Using myCGS

You no longer need to worry if CGS received your Credit Balance report (CBR) through the mail or fax. Nor do you have to worry that your Medicare payments will be suspended due to untimely submission of your report. You CAN easily submit your CBR by using the CGS web portal, myCGS. For step by step instructions, refer to the Making it Easy to Submit your Credit Balance (CMS-838) Report!PDF Job aid.

If you are not registered to access myCGS, refer to the myCGS user Manual, Chapter 1: Overview of myCGSPDF for details.

myCGS provides you immediate confirmation that CGS has received your CBR. In addition, you can check the status to see if your report has been processed. Let go of your worries and save time and money by using myCGS!

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