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October 17, 2019

Do Not Delay! Recertify Your Fiscal Intermediary Standard System (FISS) Direct Data Entry (DDE) Access Today!!!

As you know, each year Medicare providers are required to recertify their Fiscal Intermediary Standard System (FISS) Direct Data Entry (DDE) user access.  CGS J15 planned to conclude the Annual Recertification process on September 30, 2019. However, to ensure DDE/PPTN access is not terminated for those providers who have not completed the Recertification form, the Annual DDE PPTN Recertification period is being extended to November 15, 2019. If you have FISS DDE users that still need to complete the Annual Recertification, please complete the Recertification formPDF as soon as possible.

FAX the Annual DDE PPTN Recertification Form to CGS at:

  • Kentucky Part A - 1.615.664.5943
  • Ohio Part A -  1.615.664.5945
  • Home Health and Hospice – 1.615.664.5947

FISS DDE/PPTN Access Terminated
If your DDE/PPTN access is terminated, you will need to submit the J15 DDE PPTN Application/ReactivationPDF form. The normal 20 business days for processing will be applied to the new application. Please resubmit your Annual Recertification form to prevent any termination or access to DDE/PPTN.

If you have questions concerning the DDE recertification process, please contact the CGS J15 EDI department at:

  • Kentucky and Ohio Part A – 1.866.590.6703 (select Option 2)
  • Home Health and Hospice – 1.877.299.4500 (select Option 2)

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