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April 25, 2019

Foot Care

Coverage of routine foot care services such as the cutting or removal of corns and calluses, the trimming, cutting, clipping or debridement of nails and general hygienic or preventative maintenance care are generally excluded by Medicare coverage (only covered with certain exceptions). When these exceptions apply, coverage may be afforded under Medicare with regulations to mitigate against the risks of such services being performed by personnel who lack the appropriate training and qualifications. A skilled nurse would not have the skills and experience necessary to safely perform the procedure when the beneficiary met the qualifications outlined in the manual. Only physicians (MD or DO) and podiatrists possess the training, skills and experience necessary to perform these services safely and effectively. When routine foot care is provided by other than a physician or a podiatrist, it is not medically necessary and therefore not covered.

For additional information, refer to the Medicare Benefit Policy Manual, Pub. 100-02 Chapter 15External PDF, Section 290

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