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January 17, 2019

Hospice Notice of Termination/Revocation (NOTR) Reminders

Notices of Termination/Revocation (NOTRs) are submitted when a hospice beneficiary is discharged alive from the hospice or revokes the election of hospice services.  The CGS Provider Contact Center often receives questions about NOTRs. Please review the following reminders.

  • It is a Medicare requirement to submit NOTRs within 5 days after discharge/revocation in order to promptly update the beneficiary’s eligibility record to ensure they have access to medical care.
  • Do not submit both a final claim and an NOTR.  If you submit the final claim within 5 days after discharge/revocation, an NOTR does not need to be submitted.
  • Remember to review the Return to Provider (RTP) status/location T B9997 often to make any necessary corrections to NOTRs. When an NOTR goes to the RTP file, it is not considered to be a submitted NOTR until it is corrected and moves out of the RTP status/location.
  • If your NOTR goes to the Return to Provider (RTP) file, but you have already submitted the final claim, there is no need to correct the NOTR from the RTP file.  You may suppress the view of the NOTR.  For information about suppressing the view of billing transactions in RTP, refer to the FISS Direct Data Entry Guide, Chapter Five: Claims CorrectionPDF.


Please share this information with your billing staff.

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