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Change of Hospice Ownership

When a hospice agency changes ownership and a new Medicare provider number (also known as a PTAN or OSCAR number) is issued, the A/B Medicare Administrative Contractor (MAC) must be notified to update the provider number in the hospice period. This will avoid mistaking the change as a beneficiary-elected transfer. Submit a change of ownership notice, which contains the same field locator data as a notice of election, except the type of bill must be an 81E or 82E. Report the date of the ownership change in the "STMT DATES FROM" field on the Fiscal Intermediary Standard System (FISS) Claim Page 01. Refer to the Submitting Hospice Notice of Change of Ownership TOB 8XEExternal PDF for additional information.

Reference: Medicare Claims Processing Manual (CMS Pub. 100-04), Ch. 11, §20.1.2External PDF

Updated: 08.05.19

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