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February 27, 2015

Clinical Questions and Requests: Whom to Contact at CGS

  1.  This email was created to assist Medicare providers with clinical questions.  For the timeliest response, we recommend that you email this address rather than an email directly to the Medical Directors.  The CMD.Inquiry mailbox is monitored regularly, whereas our Medical Directors travel frequently and may not be in a position to view their email as often.
    • Please allow 14 business days for a response
  2. When requesting clinical coverage of a drug or service, we ask that the information be faxed directly to our policy team at 615.664.5971.  Include the following information with your request:
    1. Name of requestor
    2. Address, phone, fax, and Email address
    3. Brief summary of request
    4. Supporting Documentation
      1. If this documentation is too large to fax please mail to:
        1. Attention: Part B Medical Review
          Attn:  Tracey Loftis, RN
          26 Century Blvd STE ST610
          Nashville, TN 37214-3685
    • Please allow 45 days for a response
  3.  All other inquiries must be sent to Customer Service for tracking/routing:
    1. Part A Contact information:
      2. Provider Contact Center: 1.866.289.6501
    2. Part B Contact Information: 
      2. Provider Contact Center: 1.866.276.9558
    3. Home Health & Hospice Contact Information:
      2. Home Health and Hospice Complex Inquiries: 1.877.299.4500
    4. DME MAC Jurisdiction C Contact Information:
      2. Provider Customer Service Calls: 1.866.270.4909

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