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June 15, 2021

Process Improvements Based on Your Feedback!!

Thank you to those who participated in our website survey. Your voice was heard and appreciated. Here are a few of the improvements we’ve made based on your feedback in the last 6 months.

myCGS Portal

  • Under the Claims tab, we removed the blood deductible information from the Detailed Claims Status Information because it was no longer necessary.
  • You can now locate a specific letter in your myCGS inbox easier! Messages delivered to your myCGS inbox are sorted into folders to help you find what you need. You can also filter your inbox messages by claim number, Medicare ID, date, submission ID, or for those that have an attached Green Mail letter. Review the myCGS Inbox Folders and Filtering Are Now Available! article for details.
  • Need to request additional access?  You can now find your administrator easily using the myAccount tab for each of your accounts.
  • Part B myCGS users may now submit Overpayment Recovery Requests to notify us of an overpayment directly through myCGS. No need to mail or fax forms! Now you can send them electronically! Review the Forms section of the myCGS User Manual for details.
  • Can’t access your account?  Did you attempt to reset your password, but nothing happened? Make sure you are accessing the correct myCGS portal!  CGS administers both the J15 and DME JC and JB contracts and many users were experiencing issues due to logging into the incorrect myCGS portal. To make it easier, we revised the myCGS logo to distinguish between our Jurisdiction 15 (J15) and the DME JC and JB portal. Look for this logo when you access the J15 myCGS Portal.
  • While viewing the details of a claim in myCGS, you now have access to an Appeals window. This allows you instant access to the status of Redeterminations submitted on claims, as well as a link to the decision letter. In addition, depending on the decision on the Redetermination, you may request a second level of appeals directly through myCGS, and track its status. (Part A/HHH only)

J15 Website

Your feedback is valuable to us! Whether it’s good or bad feedback, it’s important for CGS to improve your experience while visiting the myCGS web portal and the J15 website.


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