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January 2, 2020

myCGS Version 5.8 Now Available!

myCGS Version 5.8 has been installed and is now available. The new version focuses on implementing the final phase of the New Medicare Card project CMS began over two years ago.

MBI is now the default Medicare ID on all myCGS screens

The Medicare Beneficiary Identifier (MBI) transition period ended on 12/31/19. As a result, MBIs should be used for all transactions within myCGS. All myCGS search screens have been updated to either default to MBI or to only allow MBI (whichever is appropriate). For information about MBIs, refer to the CMS MBI webpageExternal Website.

Coming soon—Submit Reopenings and Redeterminations!

You may also notice a new feature in Version 5.8 that is grayed out (i.e., not available)—Reopenings and Redeterminations Form Submission. As part of Version 5.8, we have implemented some of the changes that will be used to allow users to submit both Reopenings and Redeterminations requests. Reopenings and Redeterminations form submission menu options have been added to the Reprocessing menu in myCGS; however, these new submission features are currently turned off while we make final preparations to allow for their use. Stay tuned to our ListServ for additional information and announcements regarding when these new submission screens will be activated and available for use.

The myCGS User ManualPDF is being updated to reflect these new features. Be sure to stay tuned to our ListServ and News page for the latest myCGS news.

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