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December 2, 2019

New! Overpayment Interest Calculator

Get ahead of interest owed on an overpayment with the Overpayment Interest Calculator. In the case of a Medicare overpayment, the supplier will receive a refund request in the form of an overpayment demand letter. The debtor then has 30 days from the date to refund CGS. Interest begins to accrue on the overpayment if the debt is not paid within that timeframe.

In the case that you wait until after the 30 days to send the refund, you can use the Overpayment Interest Calculator to determine the interest per month, and the total amount due.

Suppliers can simply enter the demand letter date, overpayment amount, interest rate noted in the letter, and the date the refund is mailed back to the contractor.

Please note when using the calculator, that the total amount due may vary depending on accrual date versus posted date of interest and/or other factors. Click here to use the Overpayment Interest Calculator. For more information about overpayments, visit our Overpayment Recovery page.

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