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June 11, 2019

myCGS Version 5.4—Secure Message Inbox Permissions and Instructions

myCGS Version 5.4 has been installed and is now available for use! Version 5.4 includes a new secure messaging inbox which will allow you to receive and respond to direct messages from CGS Jurisdiction B and C staff regarding curable errors for open Targeted Probe and Educate (TPE) cases.

All Designated Approvers (DAs) in myCGS automatically have access to the secure message inbox in myCGS. End Users by default do not have access—DAs must specifically give End Users access to secure messaging in order for them to access the inbox. CHBA user access will depend upon the access granted by the associated supplier on the CEDI Supplier Authorization Form.

If you are a DA in myCGS, you must identify which of your End Users need access to secure messaging and then grant them access on the User Permissions screen. Refer to the myCGS Registration & Account Management GuidePDF for instructions on granting user permissions in myCGS.

Complete instructions for using the secure message inbox are now available in the updated myCGS User ManualPDF.

In addition to the new secure message inbox, Version 5.4 includes a fix to an issue that previously caused certain remittance advice (RA) requests to incorrectly state no results found (specifically "no pay" RAs) when an RA did actually exist. This issue has been resolved and RA results are now being shown correctly.

Be sure to stay tuned to our ListServ and News page for additional myCGS news!

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