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April 28, 2016

Affordable Care Act (ACA) 6407 - Supplier Frequently Asked Questions

DME MAC Joint Publication

Originally published July 15, 2015
Revised April 28, 2016

This FAQ is revised to update the criteria associated with the written order prior to delivery and face-to-face examination. While this document makes reference to "ACA 6407 requirements", technically these requirements are found in the Social Security Act Section 1834(a)(11)(B) and its implementing regulation at 42 CFR 410.38. The CMS regulation contains the details for the face-to-face examination, written order prior to delivery and the list of items subject to these requirements.

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ACA 6407

Face-to-Face Encounter

Five-Element Written Orders Prior to Delivery (5EO)/Face-to-Face

5EO - Corrections to Document

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