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CGS Administrators, LLC

IVR: 877.299.7900 Customer Service and myCGS: 866.590.6727

Online Help Center

The Online Help Center allows you to submit inquires electronically to our customer service staff.

IMPORTANT: Please note that we cannot respond to myCGS or CSI password resets via email due to CMS requirements. If you need to reset your password, please call customer service at 866.590.6727.
Note that we also cannot respond to inquiries or comments through this system that contain sensitive personal information (i.e., social security numbers, tax I.D. numbers, beneficiary numbers, claim information, etc.) as this method of submitting an inquiry is unsecured and unencrypted. We are committed to keeping your information secure and due to CMS requirements, we cannot complete these requests. It could take up to 45 business days to receive an email response. If this is an urgent request, please call customer service so we can best serve you.

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