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February 23, 2023

Upcoming myCGS Enhancements and Updates!

Just a quick summary of myCGS enhancements and updates you can expect to see soon!

New Save Function: Part B Reopening Forms

Users will have the option to save incomplete forms. This will allow you to return to saved forms, complete and submit them when it's more convenient for you.


This function began with the Prior Authorization for Repetitive, Scheduled, Non-emergency Ambulance Transport (RSNAT) form. This feature will be added next to the Part B Reopening forms.

myCGS Email Reduction

All myCGS users will have an option to reduce the amount of personal email messages sent by suppressing some of the confirmation messages.

Hospice Information

Under the Eligibility tab/Hospice & Home Health sub-tab, users will have access to election receipt date and revocation date.


Separate Medicare Advantage and Prescription Drug Plan Sub-tabs

To improve readability and add additional information, Prescription Drug Plan data will be displayed on its own sub-tab.


Refer to the myCGS User Manual for help navigating various functions. If you're not registered for myCGS, create your account TODAY!External website


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