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October 18, 2016

myCGS Now Offers Multi-Factor Authentication for Added Security

CGS has implemented the Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) to enhance the security of Medicare data, as well as myCGS user data. This feature is optional. MFA offers an extra layer of security to help keep your myCGS account secure even if someone manages to obtain your password without your knowledge.

How to Activate MFA

When logging into myCGS, you can choose to turn the MFA feature on by accessing the My Account tab. Once MFA is successfully activated, you will be presented with a verification page. You may select to receive an eight-digit verification code via text (if a mobile phone number was entered on the My Account tab), or via an email message. Each time you access myCGS, you will receive the eight-digit verification code via the option you selected (text, or email). Once the verification code is entered, you will have access to the myCGS website portal.

Please refer to the myCGS User's Manual, Chapter 1: Overview of myCGSPDF document for more information.

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