Avoid Submitting Duplicate Credit Balance Reports
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April 21, 2017 – Updated: March 13, 2018

Avoid Submitting Duplicate Credit Balance Reports

CGS has seen an increase with providers submitting duplicate Credit Balance Reports (CBRs).  Most often we see providers submit the CBR via fax multiple times.  We also see where providers submit the CBR multiple times using more than one submission method.  Duplicate CBR submissions create an additional responsibility to CGS staff and resources.  Please share the following guidelines with your appropriate staff who submit your CBR.

  • If you fax your credit balance report, wait 48 hours before contacting a customer service representative to confirm receipt (1.877.299.4500 (Option 4) for home health and hospice or 1.866.590.6703 (Option 4) for Part A providers).  Documents faxed to CGS are processed through an imaging system and will not appear immediately.
  • If you already submitted the CBR but realize you need to make changes, please indicate that the report is being resubmitted with changes.
  • Do not submit the CBR using more than one submission method (e.g., fax and mail).
  • Have an internal process that coordinates CBR submissions between offices and designates a single contact person for your facility.  Duplicate CBRs are often submitted for the same provider but by different contacts. 
  • Ensure that you submit the CBR to the correct Medicare Administrative Contractor address. Occasionally CGS receives CBRs from providers who do not submit their claims to CGS.  The address for mailing CBRs can be found on the Part A Mailing Addresses Web page or the Home Health and Hospice Mailing Addresses Web page.

CGS highly recommends the use of the website portal, myCGS for submitting your CBR.  myCGS provides instant confirmation of receipt and eliminates the inclination to resubmit a duplicate report.  Submitting your CBR using certified mail, or other methods that require a signature upon delivery is also an option. 

More about myCGS
Using myCGS, the CGS secure web portal, to submit your CBR is easy to use and you never have to wonder if CGS received your report.  You will receive immediate confirmation via the myCGS ‘Messages’ tab.  Within 24 hours, a second message will be sent to provide an assigned Submission ID and instructions on how to check the status.  Using myCGS will help avoid having to send multiple faxes to ensure receipt of your CBR and will save you time and money. 

Additional information about submitting your CBR via myCGS is available by accessing the following resources.

For more information about myCGS and to learn about the various features available to myCGS users, refer to the Home Health and Hospice myCGS Web page or the Part A myCGS Web page.

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