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January 21, 2016

myCGS General Inquiry – Part A

myCGS, our free web portal, has been enhanced to allow providers to submit general inquiries directly to CGS.

The newly-created General Inquiry Form (located under the “Secure Forms” option) may be used to submit inquiries related to a number of topics including appeals, claims processing, finance, medical review, provider enrollment and provider outreach.

Please Note:  This enhancement is being offered as a convenient way for you to submit inquiries.  The standard timeframe to respond to inquiries is 45 business days.  Responses will be mailed to the correspondence address on file.

Also, this form should not be used in place of the other functions available to you through myCGS.

After logging on to the myCGS web portal, select the FORMS tab.  From the “Secure Forms” window at the “Select a Topic” drop-down box,, select the Provider Contact Center option.  At the “Select  a Type” drop-down, you will find the General Inquiry Form.  A link to the form will appear below it.

screen shot

After clicking the form link and the page loads, you will find some fields are pre-populated based on your myCGS user ID.  The required fields that must be completed to submit the General Inquiry Form  are identified by a RED asterisk (*).

  • Requestor Name
  • Requestor Phone Number
  • Reason for Request
  • Attachments

screen shot

Complete the top portion of the form.  There is also an area to summarize the reason for the inquiry.  In 2000 characters or less, summarize the issue.

Next, attach any documents you want to include that supports or further explains the inquiry.  You may attach up to 10 documents.  Each attachment must be a PDF format and can be up to 40 MBs in size.  The total size of all attachments cannot exceed 150 MBs.  NOTE: At least ONE attachment must be submitted.

Click the Browse button.  A window will open allowing you to locate the PDF document stored on your system.  Once you locate the document click “OPEN” to attach it to the form.  A status bar (in BLUE) will appear indicating the document is uploading.

screen shot

All files attached will appear under “Attached Files.”  If a file is attached in error, simply click the RED ‘X’ to remove it.

After attaching the documentation, click SUBMIT to send the inquiry.

Once submitted, the eSignature box will display.  Clicking OK is your confirmation that all information is correct and allows you to electronically sign the form.

screen shot

After submitting the form, myCGS will default to the MESSAGES tab.  You will receive a secure message confirming receipt of the form.  A second message will be received confirming the form was accepted.

screen shot

The Confirmation message will include a submission ID.  An email notification will also be sent noting the submission ID.  You may use the submission ID to track the status of your inquiry.

For more information on this and other myCGS functions, please refer to the myCGS User ManualPDF.


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