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June 22, 2023

Access to myCGS Features

Are you unable to access some features in myCGS? For example, you can access the Claims tab, but the Beneficiary Information tab is disabled or locked? This is due to the permissions that your Designated Approver set up for you during the registration process. The Designated Approver is an individual from your organization who manages approving which features your organization's employees may access within myCGS. If you do not have access to certain types of information, contact the designated approver at your company and request access to the locked tab.

CGS is not able to change permissions granted to myCGS End Users, this is part of the responsibility of your company’s designated approver.

If you are a Clearinghouse/Billing Agent (CHBA) user, permissions are based on the information provided to CEDI (on the CEDI Supplier Authorization form) at the supplier level. If you need access to a tab which is currently locked, contact the supplier to complete a new CEDI Supplier Authorization form at Website.

We encourage you to review the myCGS Questions & Answers (Q&As) for answers to many of your questions. You can also access the  DME myCGS Registration & Account Management Guide, the DME myCGS User Manual , and other resources on the myCGS information and resources page.


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