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January 10, 2023

Use the myCGS Eligibility Tab to Avoid Claim Errors

It’s a new year and the perfect time to add one more resolution to your list! Before you submit a claim, use the myCGS eligibility tab to avoid these simple errors:

  • Eligibility – Is your patient eligible to receive services covered under the Part A, Part B or Part B Immunosuppressive Drug benefit?
  • Deductibles/Caps – Has your patient met the annual Part B deductible, therapy cap or rehabilitation services limitation?
  • Preventive Services – Is your patient eligible to receive a service that Medicare covers to prevent certain illnesses and chronic conditions?
  • Plan Coverage – Did your patient enroll in a Medicare Advantage (MA) managed care plan that replaces traditional Medicare?
  • MSP – Is your patient entitled to other insurance coverage that makes Medicare a secondary payer (MSP)?
  • Hospice/Home Health, Inpatient – Did you provide services to your patient that overlap a hospice or home health period of care, or an inpatient hospital or Skilled Nursing Facility stay covered under Part A?

Stop the guesswork and eliminate the need to submit multiple claims. myCGS is a FREE, online web portal available to ALL CGS J15 providers. Register and use myCGS today to save your organization time and money!


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